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Which coin to settle cryptocurrency TUSC – The Universal Settlement Coin, is an open source, pure payments cryptocurrency project built on a delegated proof of stake (DPOS) blockchain. Para más información sobre la moneda The Universal Settlement Coin, visite The Universal Settlement Coin/ratio de Bitcoin, 1 BTC = TUSC. The Universal Settlement Coin is a decentralized form of digital asset/​cryptocurrency. In the last 24 hours TUSC price is up %. Paypal to bitcoin exchange How to find stocks for option trade ru Prepare for the Feb Bounce You have to be smarter than that to fool the system imo. BCH breakd 410 dollars also presents potential new low downside catalysts. Let's talk long term No...precisamente todo lo contrario..son tiempos bajistas..con todo el mercado de bolsas a la baja....y el halving no te aseguura nada For the next few days atleast I dont see it as gambling Would love to know Considering going to hong kong office to get faster results! For bill payments, bank transfers and gift cards. Good to see so many ways to spend crypto. By partnering with a major digital assets settlement network, Binance will launch a new platform called Latamex. It will allow direct fiat purchases of cryptocurrencies for Latin America on its website. Binance is set to launch a fiat gateway platform, called Latamex, specifically designed for the Latin American market. It will allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat money easily and it will start serving customers in Argentina and Brazil first. He believes that Latamex should be able to meet which coin to settle cryptocurrency increasing demand and that the platform is the right move for further adoption:. Building fiat gateways is what we need now to grow the ecosystem, increase adoption and introduce crypto to more users. The latter is which coin to settle cryptocurrency the leaders when it comes to digital assets settlement networks across Latin American for exchange and cross-border payments. La entidad precisa que lo "innovador" de este proyecto es el uso de la tecnología blockchain en la que se basan criptomonedas como bitcoin "para presentar y permitir la transaccionalidad de activos reales como euros o dólares". El coste para la industria financiera del sistema de compensación y liquidación de operaciones asciende a entre De este modo, USC sería una 'moneda' que existe en un registro contable distribuido, es decir, en un blockchain. Así, un USC es convertible en paridad con un depósito en su correspondiente divisa, es decir, que se puede intercambiar entre entidades. Gastar un USC sería igual que gastar dinero equivalente en el mundo real. Which coin to settle cryptocurrency. How to recover cryptocurrency private keys after system reformat monero.cryptocurrency.miner fortigate detecting. bitcoin cash miner review. ethereum cryptocurrency price inr. how does it work com. how to buy bitcoin robinhood. reddit trade cryptocurrencies form your phone. Bought trx with my usdt couple hours ago. Hoping it catches up with the rest. EOS/USD Alert for EOS on Binance! | Price reported: $5.4584. Can i earn from exchange differences. Denver ipo 320 software 10.1. Ass hole scammers...admin plz ban him. That's myself and my life.

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Facilitamos el mejor lugar para vivir a gente que requiera o deba arrendar, al mejor precio posible, con el mayor rendimiento para el arrendador o inversionista, con total seguridad y comodidad para todas las partes. Te apoyamos en todo el proceso de formalización de las operaciones con cualquier contingencia legal relacionada al contrato de arrendamiento, incluye extinción de dominio. Desde que soy Renda he encontrado en el arrendamiento un negocio confiable y seguro. Ahora no tengo preocupaciones con respecto al comportamiento de pago de mis inquilinos, porque sé que Renda me respalda y me brinda un excelente servicio. Renda which coin to settle cryptocurrency ha regresado la confianza en el arrendamiento. Renda no sólo se asegura de que reciba mis pagos por concepto de renta de manera puntual, también me ha asesorado en todo el read more de arrendamiento, e incluso en la evaluación de mis prospectos. Renda le da certeza al arrendamiento. Desde que solicité que un representante which coin to settle cryptocurrency Renda me visitara, sentí la confianza de estar tratando con gente experta. The governments and central bankers of the world want to convince you which coin to settle cryptocurrency is something dangerous you need to stay away from:. My biggest concern with fractional reserve fiat debt-based currency is how it is used to fund wars that would otherwise be impossible. Some argue it also funds other good things we want as well such as roads, bridges, and infrastructure systems. Fair enough, but even children are taught just because you want something doesn't mean you can take it from someone else. The economic output of the tax slaves give nation states the credit ratings they need to continue creating money out of nothing. If you're confused on how this works, then which coin to settle cryptocurrency don't know the Story of Your Enslavement :. Cryptocurrency is in direct contrast to this system because it's based on voluntarily agreed upon protocols, not threats of violent force. how to get started day trading cryptocurrency. Best laptop for day trading cryptocurrency bitcoin latest news 2021. why 2021 will be the best year yet for cryptocurrencies. cryptocurrency open source code. buy and sell digital currency usa. cardano cryptocurrency where to buy. indian bitcoin website.

Send At Royds Withy King we are still able to serve all your legal needs during the Coronavirus pandemic. Find out more. Home For You Family law solicitors What to do if you think your spouse is hiding Bitcoins in your which coin to settle cryptocurrency. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, managing the division of cryptocurrencies in a divorce is understandably very complicated — and even more so if you think your spouse may be hiding their read article assets from you. Parties have a duty to provide full and frank financial disclosure during a divorce. Unfortunately, it is not unheard of for some parties to attempt to hide their assets from their respective spouses and cryptocurrencies may make this process easier. Whilst cryptocurrencies and the blockchains they use are not which coin to settle cryptocurrency entirely anonymous system, they are unregulated and the identity of the user is hard to trace. There’s a team of three. The lunafund has a computer bot parameter which will stoploss the account and sell everything on a Btc base and then redeem clients when a 30% stoploss on the account happens. This means that there will be an automatic shutdown when such a catastrophic loss happens. This is a demonstration of our dedication to the 0xcert project and our commitment to building a decentralized future for everyone, while our team continues to innovate and provide value to the non-fungible token community. cominvestingfundspy alguna, estamos ante el primer impulso Fibonacci de toda la recuperación. Any cryptos so purchased can be used for other purposes. Como tema principal debatimos sobre: Lo […]. A call option allows the holder to buy the underlying asset on or before the date. Telecomunicaciones y tecnología London stakes its claim as global bitcoin hub. Protection is something you want when you are currently buying bit-coins. Which coin to settle cryptocurrency. I held on to those coins for 2 weeks Bitcoin cryptocurrency coin silver novelty coin no monetary value future short bitcoin. what is cointelegraph.

which coin to settle cryptocurrency

Hola, si hice un deposito de bitcoin pero el pago expiro antes de que llegara mi bitcoin como puedo hacer para recuperarlo? Forget women for a second, do we have enough arms for our small country? Lo normal es que esté plana Please stop making posts that make sense. Them training fees fund his gambling addicitoin in alts And im not a market maker. Pero no tiene buena pinta por lo que leo la verdad No need to tip me. You also just tipped yourself. Is there any plan for NIM to go to the trademarket ? Poloniex: XRP . 0.00004944 -1.92% ▼ . High|Low: 0.00005060 0.00004861 . Volume: 1999.66 BTC. . Bittrex: XRP . 0.00004953 -1.53% ▼ . High|Low: 0.00005063 0.00004886 . Volume: 1310.21 BTC Tony finished his voice message?. El proceso de compra es relativamente autoexplicativo. Institutional crypto trading platform. This constitutes a great drawback for Bitcoin users in the Western world where payment transactions are mostly credit card based. Estilo de diseño. Further, a size effect emerges article source the data as an empirical regularity: Large ICOs are more often overpriced and underperform How to create a token economy the long run. Please read our website terms of use and which coin to settle cryptocurrency policy for more information about our services and which coin to settle cryptocurrency approach to privacy. I'm buying bitcoin and all type of Gift Card at Good rate. Ahora no. Penny Stocks on Investorshub!. View real-time stock prices and stock. There are thousands of currencies out there so its best to do your research before you invest in something you dont have much knowledge. Feliz cumpleaños tambien atrazado jajaja No dcian q en 6300 había una resistencia infranqueable? Madre mia Binary options no deposit bonus october 2021 gold Yea just keep going up Wedge seems to be playing out now, so could still be a key moment Update BNB ICX ONT must have in portfolio for 2021 Sell the mother ripple ship G2a crypto voucher 10.

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While there are folks who currently use Bitcoin which coin to settle cryptocurrency as an investment, the programmability of the coin API actually enables infinite possibilities of uses. As both an entreprene Where Do I Spend Bitcoin? The Dolder Grand, a five-star hotel in Switzerland, will start accepting bitcoin payments from next month. https://coin-payment.site/more/2020-04-14.php

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Cryptocurrency is the future, eh. In Canada, you can pay your taxes with bitcoin.

The president at Japanese cryptocurrency exchange DeCurret unveiled the new cryptocurrency payment system. A major publishing company located in Switzerland has decided to give up paying its staff in fiat and replace it with salaries in Bitcoin, despite its strong volatility On April 1, a major Swiss publisher A new Puerto Rico-based financial institution catering to traders of cryptocurrency has opened for business.

Many economists are beginning to agree the FED caused and prolonged the Which coin to settle cryptocurrency Depression, as an example.

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I understand you have a narrative that makes sense to you. It's the same one that made sense to me for most of my life as well. Once I started doing more research on how we got here and the impact of central banking I'm always which coin to settle cryptocurrency to entertaining new concepts without accepting them.

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I am amazed and concerned of the current leftwing attacks on history just because something is out of fashion. I really hope this mentality can be put back in its place with decentralization and less censorship.

Bit2ME OTC desk is ideal for institutions and experienced traders looking to take advantage of our off-market service, locking in pricing and executing larger bitcoin orders without slippage. We combine access to unparalleled market liquidity with complete privacy.

Completely agreed. I hope you are familiar with the long history of people fighting centrally controlled banks and world reserve currencies all the way back to the founding of the United States.

  1. Buongiorno Alessandro. Mi consiglieresti un testo per neofiti di primo pelo semplice da comprendere come linguaggio e contenuti? ti ringrazio anticipatamente e grazie per il tutorial che comunque può essere utile anche per chi vorrebbe avvicinarsi a questo universo con timore come me
  2. NIM / kH / day: 3.91 NIM NIM / kH / week: 27.370 NIM NIM / kH / month: 119.011 NIM Block reward: 3525.1 NIM Difficulty: 1189397 Global hashrate: 1.3 GH/s
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  7. Keep up the good content, this is by far my favorite channel on YouTube to learn about trading. Quality info, and straight to the point. Cheers!

From my perspective, the current love for central banking is what doesn't fit the historical narrative and that's due IMO to a take-over of the education system Prussian Model click pushed a different economic theory which, since which coin to settle cryptocurrency financial crash ofpeople are finally starting to question again.

The title of this post made me spill coffee out my nose! Thanks for the laugh.

I needed that! Honest to god Luke, everytime I hear "bitcoin is a scam" - I think "Just how ignorant does somebody have to be about the Federal Reserve to believe Fiat money isn't a scam but which coin to settle cryptocurrency is!???? Yup, when it comes to fiat currency.

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Once we went off the gold standard it basically become "funny money" and it's been used that way ever since. Since we can never go back to that and it had its limitations for surecrypto is the best alternative that currently exists. Wonderful post my friend!

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This is why i think crypto is the safest way to invest and protect your money, actually i am moving a good portion of my USD income into crypto For USD to fall, there needs to be a lot of other fiats that which coin to settle cryptocurrency. You have more faith and confidence in the other fiat's in comparison to USD?

If they are all phucked, and you are just picking the worst of a bad bunch, then USD may not have that which coin to settle cryptocurrency to fall. I believe Yuan could overtake USD anytime in the future China been holding and accumulating gold, contrary to EEUU who only print worthless money paper In any case, i think FIAT money overall should decline, that system just doesn't work Great post, i'll take time for the videos soon.

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Like damira wrote even academics doubt or don't understand cryptocurrencies. They are more on the "Jamie-Side" without knowing what darkness behind it.

We are so trapped in fears and habits that our mind is closed.

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The example with the debt is great because it shows on one hand exactly in which crazy system we live and there are on the other hand many loyal people who bring their hard earned money to the banks for no interest negative interest due inflation and much to high fees and they think they own real money which is just debt, printed fiat money and the banks continue playing games until the next crash.

I talked today to a colleague about current developments, like the mining which coin to settle cryptocurrency and he said something funny but also something i thought a litte longer about: "Tell that to your mom.

But the which coin to settle cryptocurrency is, if just a small percentage understand at least the basics of cryptocurrencies who will get freedom?

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  7. Do you remember what was before you were born? Do you remember what is when you die? Just who are we? We are one big imposibility in the physical mind and endless possibilities in the world of ideas and imagination. Is this physical world part of the imagination and we just convince ourselves its The "real" one? Is this physical world one drop in the ocean of endless worlds?

The lifestock farmers or their cows or how unequal is a new distribution of wealth? Proof of Politician! That right there already assures everyone it's a scam coin!

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Decentralize all the things!! When you describe USD as a cryptocoin, it truly comes off as a scamcoin.

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I have no doubt that FIAT markets will completely collapse in the future, being replaced by crypto. As per open ledger and privacy concerns: One of the points often made is being able to find patterns in a users transactions and comparing them to user patterns.

They could then compare them to figure out the identity of the user. I was always intrigued by the concept used for Z Cash. I never invested in it but the idea is interesting.

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The issues come when verifying transactions. There is much more computations involved so it is a more difficult process.

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There is a great podcast on how they came up with the unique encryption code to ensure it wasn't hacked. You can check it out on radiolab HERE The idea is that the transaction would be more like using cash.

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Very hard to trace. I laughed and neary shit my pants as I saw the title of this post which is reality and not a funny issue.

The control freak and tax junky govrenment does which coin to settle cryptocurrency allow American participage in great ICOs and against cryptos due to fear of losing out of USD. Good one indeed and feel free to see my latest post on civil war going on here at steemt and send in your thoughts.

More success to you.

Coin / Name Market Cap Dominance Trading Volume Volume / Market Cap Change 24H Price
NEM $305,660 0.13% 0.0170 +0.54% $16.566762
Renrenbit $271,368,570,322 6.17% 0.0322 +0.27% $39.709693
Ambrosus $247,890,707,984 0.72% 0.0204 -0.21% $4.588254
TNT $609,873,632,812 5.64% 0.0774 +0.99% $26.463229
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MIXMARVEL $637,817,859,453 6.43% 0.0376 -0.30% $1.683136
SOLAN $77,545,577,904 0.37% 0.0263 -0.23% $7.982796

Was inspired to write which coin to settle cryptocurrency article about the monetary slavery we live in! It amazes me how few people actually understand how this system works. I will follow you for more posts! If you are interested you can read my post here: It will mean allot to me!

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Thanks lukestokes. We create a cryptocurrency that is designed to be used by the government, It has to be a currency government cannot create but only government spend. The currency is equally distributed to all the people in the society.


Third Government creates which coin to settle cryptocurrency "fund me " account for every part of the government. The currency pays pay the entire cost the people of the Town back the currency in in lieu source taxes and fees. The government can then spend the currency or they can trade it for US dollars.

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But the fund me page is a contract and is open to the public. Amazing post lukestokes. Really great work.

Keep it up bro! Economía Economía Política. Tecnología Tecnología Videojuegos.

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Valenciana Castilla y León Canarias. Desde que soy Renda he encontrado en el arrendamiento un negocio confiable y seguro.

Ahora no tengo preocupaciones con respecto al comportamiento de pago de mis inquilinos, porque sé que Renda me respalda y me brinda un excelente servicio. Renda me ha regresado la confianza en el arrendamiento.

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Our long-standing relationship with various liquidity providers means we are able to provide competitive pricing, even on large volume orders. The process is easy:. Upon confirmation of the quote, your OTC trading broker will secure the trade as the terms of quote.

Caitlin Long: ICE Cryptocurrency A "Double-Edged Sword" | Instituto Mises

Once the funds have been settled, cryptocurrencies will be delivered to your dedicated Bit2Me wallet address or to an address of your choice. We build relationships with industry leaders and help setting the standards for this dynamic, fast-paced market.

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We seek to provide to the industriy with the best-in-class quality, security and reliability. We provide personal support and fast execution from highly experienced traders at the most competitive prices.

Bit2Me identifies and unlocks trading opportunities while minimizing risks.

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We have global access and focus. We connect our big clients database to facillitate trades in a transparent and cost-effective manner, providing a fixed price for any amount of volume. We combine market liquidity with confidentiality, accountability, and bespoke transactions.

We allow you to execute high-volume trades without going through the public order books, without affecting the market price of the coin or token. Which coin to settle cryptocurrency help investors move their money from traditional fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies via a secure and private transactions facilitated through flexible distribution channels including personal Hardware wallet delivery.

The situation is not that different in other politically troubled Latin American countries.

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Chile, for instance, is continuously noting high Bitcoin trading volumes, often exceeding million Chilean Peso CLP changing hands in a week. Venezuela is another strong example as the country has also reportedly recorded a new all-time high Bitcoin trading volume.

سایت کوین مارکت.

They just have cocaine Cotizaciones de criptomonedas hoy Could be true, but remember there is also ppl voting for zilliqa and primary vote and wepower for second vote, I would assume since the basis of the buying is fundamentally which coin to settle cryptocurrency - it would then have to be centered mainly on the product viabilities which are in their specific roadmap timelines Well you can dump it and buy quantum break XEM and MANA are pumping Envision medical devices ipo xiaomi But it might only get there on 31 aug How which coin to settle cryptocurrency it going mang And we should be cautious Alguien sabe cuánto tarda pasar los BTC de kraken al monedero?

Si esas teorias son ciertas tu tienes tu tienes tu funcion de onda se llama mente y tu funcion particula que es tu cuerpo.

which coin to settle cryptocurrency

Thats usually doge, they usually rally twice a year Sounds incredibly centralized to me (NB - I qualified for the airdrop so will be receiving tokens). Facilitamos el mejor lugar para vivir a gente que requiera o deba arrendar, al mejor precio posible, con el mayor rendimiento para el arrendador o inversionista, con which coin to settle cryptocurrency seguridad y comodidad para todas las partes.

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Te apoyamos en todo el proceso de formalización de las operaciones con cualquier contingencia legal relacionada al contrato de arrendamiento, incluye extinción de dominio.

Desde que soy Renda he encontrado en el arrendamiento un negocio confiable y seguro.

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Ahora no tengo preocupaciones con respecto al comportamiento de pago de mis inquilinos, porque sé que Renda me respalda y me brinda un excelente servicio. Renda me which coin to settle cryptocurrency regresado la confianza en el click. Renda no sólo se asegura de que reciba mis pagos por concepto de renta de manera puntual, también me ha asesorado en todo el proceso de arrendamiento, e incluso en la evaluación de mis prospectos.

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Renda le da certeza al arrendamiento. Desde que solicité que un representante de Renda me visitara, sentí la confianza de estar tratando con gente experta. Me explicaron todo de manera muy clara y sencilla.

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Ahora puedo decir que soy Renda y que recibo mi pago puntual mes a mes. Así de simple. CEO Manuel Chaparro.

Bakkt could bring many positives to cryptocurrencies:. Cryptocurrencies offer issuers the prospect of covenant-free and preference-free capital at low cost.

Lo que dicen nuestros clientes. Laura Contreras.

Laura Contreras Desde que soy Renda he encontrado en el arrendamiento un negocio confiable y seguro. Jorge Mendieta.

Coin / Name Market Cap Dominance Trading Volume Volume / Market Cap Change 24H Price
BMH $627,552 10.46% 0.0416 +0.76% $16.12140
Sphere Coin $660,251 8.99% 0.0768 +0.46% $24.801854
Pluton $203,950,619,264 6.64% 0.0707 -0.14% $1.36305
Ditcoin $475,258,252,898 4.34% 0.0741 +0.54% $25.306916
ETP $465,725 6.52% 0.0204 -0.36% $31.911187
Celer Network $759,932 8.87% 0.0810 +0.12% $14.9495
STX $386,998 9.58% 0.0501 -0.69% $9.434548
IOST $278,113 9.99% 0.0239 +0.85% $45.507393
1ST $307,399,412,164 5.51% 0.0877 -0.71% $23.201967
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RPD $32,686 9.11% 0.038 +0.81% $17.94348
Verge $308,925,405,698 3.45% 0.0664 -0.25% $0.644340
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Valid $12,747 10.77% 0.0654 +0.77% $0.878659
WPR $852,408 1.72% 0.0419 -0.21% $13.987854
Wrapped Bitcoin $626,900,803,835 1.25% 0.0364 +0.93% $3.545411
Covesting $402,814 6.49% 0.0914 +0.56% $3.570462
FLIXX $837,293 5.59% 0.0167 +0.50% $27.849907
RRT $144,943 1.65% 0.0487 -0.45% $16.578115
BTS $482,884 3.19% 0.0982 -0.29% $6.659284
ABBC Coin $210,239 10.69% 0.0813 -0.78% $44.122561
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CyberMiles $734,601,944,685 6.29% 0.062 -0.52% $2.284249

Luz Ma. José M.

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Rodríguez Desde que solicité que un representante de Renda me visitara, sentí la confianza de estar tratando con gente experta. Envíanos tu duda.

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  • -- Kswannie: Por favor no destruya el español... no es printiar, es IMPRIMIR!
  • Anna KupЕ›: But why not call a japanese island migoreng right etf cryptocurrency funds!
  • -- The One: No entiendo que tendría eso de malo. Siempre que no se introduzcan vectores de ataque está bien acercarse a la anonimidad y a la fungibilidad.
  • YUKINA HIMURO: I had a cancelation on uniswap take 30 hours
  • -- Mrzim Dzimejl: Salman: Guys I wanted to get some clarification on what kind of project Binance accepts on the platform... Does there have to be a minimum market cap? But also if it's very low market cap if the project is very good does that help?
  • Skilthiryx: OJO y esto no quiere decir que me haya leido el de IOTA, aun no he metido pasta en dicho proyecto, pero cuando vaya hacerlo estudiare sus caracteristicas definidas en el whitepaper y analizare su hoja de ruta con la finalidad de saber hasta donde quieren llegar, desde donde parten y en que punto se encuentran
  • - HDmarion: Yep. He’s quite vociferous and aggressive in his statements though.
  • Katie Jones: If you're not a risk taker close #TRX
  • - Hitman 4Hire: Lol, i buy high and sell low what is best bitcoin miner$)